How did 19-year-old Sasia Adams jump from a moving car but there were no abrasions about her body?

Why did her boyfriend give detectives two different tales of what happened? And most importantly, why was there wet paint on her bedroom wall?

These are the questions investigators have been asking themselves since taking up the task of probing the mysterious death of the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel receptionist.

Adams was traveling in the car of her boyfriend, Rick Sewcharran around 20:30 hrs last Sunday on Lamaha Street, Georgetown when she allegedly jumped from the moving vehicle. The woman died two days later at the Balwant Singh Hospital of blunt trauma to her head.

A post-mortem examination revealed that her injuries are not only similar to those sustained by an accident victim, but also someone who had been hit to the head with an object.

Last Thursday, the police were able to secure an extension for the woman’s 19-year-old boyfriend so that they can continue to interrogate him.

Rick Sewcharran, who is the prime suspect in Adams’ death, reportedly told detectives that it was during an argument that Adams threatened to jump out of the vehicle but since she made similar threats before, he did not take her seriously.

However, the Guyana Standard was told that the investigating ranks do not believe Adams actually jumped from the moving car.

“For one, when someone jumps from a moving car, they will have abrasions. Sasia only had about two scratches on both hands and a big dent at the back of her head. Two scratches don’t prove she jumped from a car,” a detective explained.

He added too, that the boyfriend has provided the woman’s family members with conflicting details surrounding her death.

According to information received, Sewcharran had called one of Adams’sisters and told her that the 19-year-old had been hospitalized in an unconscious state after falling at home. But, he informed police ranks that there was an argument during which his girlfriend jumped from his car.

Adams’ family members believed that there was indeed an argument but insisted that the row turned into murder.

They claim that the suspect had been living temporarily with the 19-year-old at her East Street, Georgetown home.

“After we get the news and we went to her home, there was wet paint on the wall, and that wasn’t there before. We believe the two of them had a fight and he held onto her and bang her head onto the wall, and maybe sometime later, he painted over the spot,” a relative lamented.

The receptionist, who was laid to rest yesterday, had only been dating Sewcharran for a few months.

Her mother, Jenny Adams said that the suspect caused her daughter and her previous boyfriend to split and he even physically assaulted her ex-boyfriend.

“He is worst than an animal. I would never believe my baby jumped out of that car. It was the animal she was with that did that to her. Someone who jumped out of a car wouldn’t come out with their face and skin clean,” the woman lamented.

She added, “This is just an other day relationship and he never wanted to show his face to Sasia family.”

The Sasia Adams case will be transferred to the Criminal Investigation Unit (CID)’s head office.


  1. This is by far the best cover of this mystery death tale I have read. Its so detailed and I love the fact that the reporter did his/her job by reaching out to faimly members and the cops for credible information. #GREATJOB??


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