Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is discontented with the male to female composition of his party. In fact, Jagdeo said that he is dissatisfied with the level of female representation across the political spectrum in Guyana.

At his most recent press conference, the former President said that the People’s Progressive Party / Civic (PPP/C) will be increasing its efforts to draft more women, particularly Afro-Guyanese women.

Jagdeo said, “The future of our party not only rests with the young people taking over from the older ones but of course in having more women on board. And I want to see more African women participating in the national discussion, in politics, in our party.”

He added, “More women need to be members of the PPP party and not just the women’s arm. Across the country, our best activists are women. They work very hard but they are underrepresented. More women need to take over. We need more diverse representation on national issues.”

The former President said he can anticipate that some might believe he is only making these points to score cheap political points.

Jagdeo noted, however, “I know the weaknesses of my party. This idea is just one of many that will help us to improve. You can’t get 100 percent of the people to like you or agree with you but I am convinced that this move for more women is necessary.”


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