The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has unearthed an illegal operation involving some unscrupulous members of its staff working in collusion with willing outside participants in the issuance and use of forged driver’s licences, certificate of compliances and registrations.

In a statement today, the Authority said it will not divulge the full details since the investigation is ongoing. However, those staff members identified as part of this illegal operation have been sent on leave to enable the investigation.

The Authority reminded taxpayers that all financial transactions should be conducted by the cashiers and an official GRA receipt should be issued for all monies paid.

“GRA will continue to work to improve its systems to minimize illegal activity and ensure that integrity and transparency are the hallmark of the agency. However, it needs the help of the public in ridding the agency of staff who are determined to discredit the Authority by engaging in unscrupulous activities with willing participants and confidence tricksters,” the statement said.


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