A bizarre double murder of a father and his son in their Campbellsville, Georgetown home has left relatives in tears and police investigators stunned. The dead men have been identified as Deonarine Liliah, a 62-year-old pandit and his 29-year-old son, Omkar Liliah of Lot 25 Craig Street, Campbellsville.

They were both stabbed four to five times about their bodies. The Liliahs’ badly decomposed bodies were found this morning after a tenant called in the police to report a stench coming from the upper flat of the property where the victims resided. The house has two apartments in the lower flat of the building and is owned by the victims.

When the police responded around 10:00 hrs, they made the gruesome discovery. The pandit’s body was found in the living room while his son’s bloodied body was found in a bedroom. Their house was ransacked.

Up to the time of this article’s publication, investigators were reviewing surveillance footage in the area with the hope of locating the suspected killers. The police believe that the men were murdered sometime on Saturday by someone known to them.

“Neighbours did not hear any noise. The tenant did not hear any scuffling upstairs so it has to be that the victims allowed someone they know into their home because there was no forced entry,” a police source said.

The victims have been residing at the location for a number of years and they operated a spice business there too. In 2016, the older man lost his wife after a long period of illness and as such, his son stepped in to manage the operations.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that the 29-year-old victim was recently released from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Psychiatric Ward after suffering from a severe case of depression.

Yesterday, as the news of the pandit and his son’s deaths spread, shocked relatives and friends rushed to the scene for confirmation. They described the victims as honest, religious and easygoing people.

The pandit’s brother, Jairam said that he was at home this morning when a relative from the United States of America called and asked him if he could go over to the Campbellsville house to check on his brother and nephew.

Jairam further explained that his overseas relative then informed him that a tenant had called to report an unpleasant scent emanating from the upper flat of the property and that they had not seen the pandit or his son since Saturday.

“I was working and I couldn’t leave so I sent my son and then a little after, he called me and said I have to go there immediately so I left everything and rushed here only to discover them dead,” the man said while adding that he did not get a chance to see their bodies.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that the victims’ home is located just a few houses from a drug yard and a number of addicts usually linger through the street.

The bodies of the victims are currently at the Lyken Funeral Home awaiting post-mortem. The investigation is ongoing.


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