In the last few weeks, President David Granger has come in for scathing criticisms from the local media corps for failing to hold press conferences. In fact, he has only held three since coming to office in 2015.

At his most recent engagement held Friday last, the President said he has a desire to meet more often with the media but his “busy schedule” is what makes this nearly impossible.

His response in this regard was based on expressed concerns at the briefing by media representatives. He was reminded that as Opposition Leader, he engaged with media operatives more frequently, but as President, there is a complete change in his behavior.

Granger said, “Indeed, as Opposition Leader, I had more frequent engagements with the media. I would like to have more engagements with the media as well. One of the problems that face me now is scheduling. It is sometimes very difficult to schedule a press conference as frequently as I would like.”

The Head of State continued, “When I was Opposition Leader, I engaged the press three times a week, had a radio broadcast and did interviews too. But that is not possible now with my schedule. I have to make certain overseas trips, I have to travel here and as you know, this is a big country. I also have to engage in official duties…”

Granger also pointed to the fact that he is the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) which is heading into campaign mode for Local Government Elections in November.

He added, “And I would have to go out there and campaign with my party. So I wouldn’t compare the duties I had as Opposition Leader and with those that I have as President. The duties of a President are more burdensome. But I will continue to try to have more frequent engagements.”

Even as he expressed a desire to have more engagements, Granger avoided committing to a next date for meeting with the press.


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