Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is convinced that the Alliance For Change (AFC) is trying to pit other public servants against teachers.

Jagdeo said this at his press conference held earlier today.

He drew the media’s attention to the AFC’s writing where the party asked teachers to “bear with us”. Jagdeo said, “That is their comfort to the teachers.”

He continued, “In an article, they said, if the teachers get too much, other public servants will be disadvantaged. So they are trying to pit other public servants against the teachers so the teachers would not have solidarity from the rest of the public sector.”

Jagdeo said that this is similar strategy used by the AFC when addressing the sugar workers.

“They did the same thing with the sugar workers. They said that if they give sugar workers more money they will not be enough money to address the teachers and other public servants.”

Jagdeo also said that the AFC’s hypocrisy was exposed in the very article he quoted.

“They said that upon taking office there was not half enough money to do what every Guyanese needed to be done. Yet, they found the 50 percent increase for themselves and so their salaries have now gone to close to a million dollars,” said Jagdeo.


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