The mother of Gary Sullivan, the man, who mistakenly ingested carbon tablet to relieve gas, says she has forgiven the person who gave the poisonous pills to her son. She is however, upset that the individual is denying ownership of the tablets.

The 46-year-old labourer of Lot 4 Duncan Street, Kitty died on Monday after ingesting carbon tablets which were in a “Garlic Extra 1000 G” bottle. The pills were reportedly given to him by a friend after he complained of experiencing stomach pain.

This morning, the deceased’s mother, Patsy Singh explained that what happened to her son was clearly a mistake. The woman said that she does not blame Sullivan’s friend for his death and believed that the man was only trying to help.

“My son does always come home and talk about this friend and how he (the friend) is good to him,” the woman claimed. She added, “I don’t even think he (the friend) knew what was in the bottle he gave to my son.”

The woman said that her son is already dead and she only wants to move on since fighting the case will only hurt people. “Since my son died, people questioning if my son didn’t smell the poison but my son cannot smell. Couple years ago, he fell and hit his head and since then, he could not smell anything.”

Recalling what happened on Monday morning, Singh said that she was upstairs when Sullivan’s wife, Simone, called out for her and told her something had happened to the father of two.

“When I went downstairs, I see he vomiting and getting cold sweat and he said that ‘Fat Man’ give he some tablet to relieve gas. After he getting worst, we call the ambulance and he went to the hospital,” Singh said.

She added that it was the Emergency Medical Technician, who came with the ambulance, that informed the family that it was carbon tablet her son ingested after seeing the pills.

“I had no idea my son had wind pain. If I had known I would have given him the same garlic tablets because I have but no one said anything to me,” the devastated woman said.

The 46-year-old man leaves to mourn his mother, wife and two daughters.


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