The first draft of the National Mineral sector Policy is finally finished and members of the public are invited to review the document and provide commentary.

The document can be viewed electronically at:

Recognizing the need for a single, comprehensive planning document for the mineral sector, the Ministry of Natural Resources on April 27, 2018, awarded a consultancy to a three-member team comprising University Lecturer, Sherwood Lowe and Former Commissioners of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) Mr. William Woolford and Ms. Karen Livan for the design and publication of a 10-year strategic development plan for Guyana’s mineral sector. Mr. Lowe was designated Team Leader.

The consultants were tasked to advise, support and produce a 10-year strategic development plan for Guyana’s mineral sector; not including petroleum, covering the period 2019-2029 that adheres to the core principles of Sustainable development of mineral resources and the  Government’s vision of a green economy.

Many of the recommendations on policies, strategies and actions in the document are in response to the issues miners would have raised in their media releases, and at official meetings and conferences such as the Small Miners Conference in January 2016.

By making the draft document publicly available, the consultants and the Ministry hope that the document, when completed, would reflect the views of the widest cross section of stakeholders and the public.


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