Proposed legislation related to wildlife management and conservation, drafted by the Guyana Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission was submitted to the Cabinet for consideration, and they were subsequently approved.

This was recently announced by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon who noted that among the legislation is the Draft Wildlife Conservation Management and Sustainable Use Regulations. These regulations, he said, are in accordance with Section 83 One (A) of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2016 and will replace the Wildlife Management and Conservation Regulations of 2013.

The new regulations will govern all aspects of “hunting, trapping, trade, protection, conservation, management and sustainable use of wildlife in Guyana,” the Minister said.

Specifically, the new regulations will provide the legal framework for conservation and management of all species of wildlife in Guyana.

Minister Harmon stated further that these regulations will ensure the “conservation, preservation, management and protection of Guyana’s biodiversity and licensing and decisions which support the principles of transparency and justice in the management and conservation of wildlife in Guyana”.

The Draft Zoo Administration and Management Regulations were also presented to the Cabinet. This second set of regulations, the Minister said, will provide a legal framework to govern the operation, establishment, and management of zoos in Guyana in accordance with Section 83 One (E) Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2016.

In addition, the Draft Wildlife Holding Premises Regulations, in keeping with Section 83 One (B) Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2016 will provide a legal framework to govern and regulate the design, management and operation of wildlife holding premises across Guyana.

Minister Harmon said the objective of these regulations is to provide the minimum operating standards for the “design, operation and management of wildlife holding premises and secondly to create supporting mechanisms that are cognizant of the national goals for wildlife conservation and management.”


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