Security guards and Sweeper Cleaners in Region Four will benefit from increased salaries following the approval of over $233M by the National Assembly.

The sum of $156M will go towards the increase in security charges from $300 per hour to $377 per hour plus 14 percent VAT to secure 134 buildings within Region Four for the period October to December 2018.

In defending this amount, Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan explained yesterday that this contract was awarded to Kalibur Security with a total of 512 guards at 127 locations.

“These are all government schools no private residences. The contract was publicly tendered and approved by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board after which an award was mad,” Minister Bulkan said.

Meanwhile, more than $77M was approved for the increase in salaries for sweeper cleaners and caregivers of the May 25 Day Care Centre and payments of salaries for the caregivers of the newly opened Ann’s Grove Early Childhood Centre.

Additionally, the government has sought extra funds to provide beefed-up security for public buildings in several administrative regions. These buildings include regional health facilities and schools, to guard against vandalism.

In piloting the request for approval of more monies for private guard services, Minister Bulkan explained that the pay for guards at the various locations has increased from $300 to $377 per hour, but the sums budgeted were inadequate.


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