Twenty-two-year-old Romeza Sukdeo was strangled and had her head bashed in before her lifeless body was dumped in a clump of bushes and left to rot at Parika, East Bank Demerara (EBD). This is according to a Post Mortem (PM) examination performed on her remains.

Sukdeo’s partially decomposed body was found on Sunday afternoon. Her body was clad in a multi-coloured top, a skirt but no footwear.

Investigators had initially assumed that the young woman died from a drug overdose or natural causes.

However, this morning, Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh revealed that the young woman died from manual strangulation and blunt trauma to the head. The PM was done at the Ezekiel Funeral home where the body remains.

The victim’s mother, Naimawattie Persaud, did not seem surprised at the Post Mortem result. In fact, the woman claimed that just days before her daughter’s body was found, the 22-year-old confided in her about two persons who threatened to murder her.

The deceased was a drug addict and according to Persaud, her daughter alleged that two individuals would usually beat her when she refused to sleep with men in exchange for cash. These names were provided to the cops.

The Guyana Standard was told that the young woman was last seen alive by her mother on Diwali night when she visited. “She (deceased) come and sleep two nights by me and she said that these guys after her and if she die then I should go to the police and tell them who kill she,” the mother said.

Sukdeo was reportedly dating one of the men who allegedly threatened to take her life.

“My daughter left home since she went 16 and she start smoke the drugs. Since then, I trying every day to get her home back but she not coming home. She does be from one place to the next and sometimes I does see her and then sometimes she does disappear for days,” the distraught woman revealed.

According to Persaud, she visited every agency in the country in a bid to get her daughter help for her addiction but none was offered. “With no help, I tried to get her back but everywhere I go—the ministry, the police—everyone saying that she is 16 years now and she can make her own decision.”

From the age of 16, Sukdeo remained on the streets and had been hooked on illegal drugs.

An investigation has been launched into her murder.


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