The APNU+AFC Party promised the nation that under its rule, it would have ensured that there was better income redistribution and that it would usher an era of revenue transparency. But after three years in office, the Party failed miserably to honour its promise.

On this premise, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says that the coalition has proven that it is incapable of managing the State and that it cannot be entrusted with the task of protecting the oil wealth to come.

Specifically making this comment to the Guyana Standard was Opposition Member, Irfaan Ali.

The PPP Member said, “Since the Government got power, it was plagued by one scandal after another. And every scandal showed that they were only concerned with fattening their pockets. They gave themselves a 50 percent increase… Then they went ahead with the Durban Park Project that the Auditor General (Deodat Sharma) flagged in his 2017 report. That project was plagued by financial misappropriations…Then there was the Sussex Street Bond scandal that they could never live down…”

Ali added, “So since being in office for three years, the APNU+AFC’s has shown that it pretty much ‘green’ about good governance, that it really knows nothing about ‘revenue transparency’. It has no initiative it can point to that would prove it did anything for revenue transparency, improved budgeting standards, and improved fiscal performance much less provided better income redistribution. It is a miserable failure…”

Further to this, Ali stated that the Government has been saying on one hand that it is concerned about better income redistribution, but on the other, it has avoided creating the enabling environment to ensure that this occurs.

“They said they are going to bring better income redistribution and revenue transparency but you check it for yourself, their agenda never extended to overall contract transparency, reforming licensing in the various sectors, strengthening reporting on physical resource flows, and other production factors, as well as properly reporting to the Parliament on public expenditure…Everything they said to the people was all a lie,” said Ali.


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