Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has officially informed members of the international community of the political state of Guyana.

At a press conference held today at his Church Street office, Jagdeo said that he informed the ABC (America, Britain, and Canada) countries and the European Union that Guyana is expected to head to the polls in 90 days.

He said that letters were also sent to other international organisations regarding the success of the No Confidence Motion. He noted that some institutions expressed an interest in the matter and even asked for more information on the motion.

Further to this, the former Head of State said, “I also told the international community that after 90 days, anything that is signed with this government would not be recognized…The government would be considered illegal. After 90 days, they do not have the moral or legal power to take any loan or sign any contract because the PPP Government could cancel all of them.”

The Opposition Leader said he also urged the diplomatic community to be involved in the process of free and fair elections. Additionally, Jagdeo is expected to meet with the Secretary General of CARICOM, Irwin LaRocque, during this week to brief him on the PPP/C’s position on the motion against the government and for preparations for General and Regional elections.

Jagdeo also noted that he will be writing the Carter Center, the Organization of American States, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and other international organisations dealing with governance issues on the current situation.


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