Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo was given the assurance today by President, David Granger that allegations would not be made by his members without evidence. In a show of respect and appreciation for this move, Jagdeo said that he and his party will commit to doing same.

This was at a meeting the two had this morning.

At a subsequent press conference held at his Church Street Office, Jagdeo said that during the engagement with President Granger; Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge called for the PPP to tone down its scathing rhetoric regarding the government and its legal challenge against the successfully passed No-Confidence Motion.

Jagdeo said it was at this point that he reminded the President that it was his people, such as the Executive Member of the People’s National’s Congress (PNC), Aubrey Norton, who was accusing the PPP of having five other moles in the Government and bribing former AFC Member Charrandass Persaud for his support of the Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion.

Jagdeo said the President made it clear that this would not be repeated, that statements would only be made once there is evidence to support it.

The Opposition Leader said, “We were pleased with that. We will hold him to his word on that issue.”

In light of the President’s remarks, Jagdeo said his lawyers will write Norton to withdraw his allegation that he bribed Persaud for his support. If Norton refuses recant, Jagdeo said he will pursue the lawsuit.


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