One day after the body of Surinamese rice exporter, Nitender Oemrawsingh, was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head at the Number 63 beach in Corentyne, Berbice, investigators in Guyana and neighbouring Suriname have already identified a motive for the killing.

Oemrawsingh who owned Nivash Rice in Suriname, was reportedly executed over the 2,300 kilos cocaine bust which was made a little over a week ago in his home country. The illicit drug was found in his containers which were destined for France through Guadeloupe.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that there are strong suspicions among the investigating ranks that the businessman was murdered by persons who invested their money to have the drugs transported to France.

“The drugs do not belong to Nitender. We believe he was paid to deliver the drugs,” a local investigator said. Oemrawsingh’s body, clad in sports gear, was found faced up with a gunshot wound to the forehead yesterday.

The victim was released from police custody in Suriname just a day before he journeyed to Guyana.

His lawyer, Irvin Kanhai, told media operatives in the neighbouring country that his client did not escape and that his travel plans were registered with the police.

It is suspected that the rice exporter travelled to Guyana to meet with person(s) who are linked to the cocaine bust. Investigators have not been able to ascertain whether any Guyanese are connected to the 2,300 kilos of cocaine—said to be the biggest bust in Suriname.

“We are working on so many theories right now. For one, the fact that he was killed in Guyana could mean that the persons who own the coke are in Guyana—or are Guyanese—or—they (possible coke owner) are in Suriname but plotted with a hitman here to execute the victim—or—the killers followed him here,” the source said.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that ranks will be interrogating persons in surrounding areas where the body was found and they are looking to question persons who have been linked to previous drug bust in Guyana.


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