Just last week, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo told the media that the APNU+AFC (A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change) and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) agreed to ease the “poisoning of the atmosphere” with reckless statements but at his press conference earlier today, Jagdeo said that the AFC has more skeleton in its closet than the cemetery.

Jagdeo said that in examination of the government, the AFC fraction is doing the most harm to the country. He referred to the AFC Ministers as “the corrupt cabal.”

Jagdeo claimed that his party got a load of damning information concerning the operations of AFC. He said that the PPP is having difficulties getting some of the proof needed.

According to Jagdeo, the party has been reaching out to agencies to get the information, “but it is hard to get certain things when you are in opposition.”

Jagdeo said that in the very first months of a PPP-Government, AFC will be exposed for what it really is and order will be restored.

However, referring to the massive corruption of the AFC, the only issue Jagdeo could have pointed to is the Public Procurement Commission’s findings in the report about the awarding of contract for the feasibility study for the new Demerara River Bridge. The Commission had found fault in the manner in which Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson went about getting Cabinet’s approval.

Jagdeo said that there are many similar cases. He said that the AFC Ministers are acting like “yes men” so that they can enjoy the perks of being in government. Jagdeo said that he has to agree with AFC defector, Charrandas Persaud on that point.

Just last week, Jagdeo told the media that during his engagement with President David Granger, it was Vice President and Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge, who mentioned that the PPP needs to tone down its rhetoric as it relates to the government and its refusal to accept defeat.

“(But) I had to point out that it was some of his (Granger’s) people who have been making reckless statements,” the Opposition Leader said. Jagdeo said he had to remind the President that it was individuals such as Attorney General, Basil Williams; Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan; and Executive Member of the People’s National’s Congress (PNC), Aubrey Norton, who have been spewing remarks that the PPP has five other moles in the Government. He reminded, too, that these persons have also been saying that the PPP bribed former AFC Member Charrandas Persaud so that he could support the Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion.
The former Head of State said, “And they have started that vile campaign again that we killed 400 African Guyanese…(But) the President made it clear, he speaks for the six parties that he will ensure allegations are not made without evidence and we were pleased with that. We will hold him to his word on that issue.”


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