A clarion call has been made by the Mayor and Council of the City of Georgetown (M&CC) for vendors and business owners within the capital city to join a clean-up campaign set for tomorrow. 

According to information released by the M&CC today, those who operate within the precincts of Stabroek are being encouraged to participate in what is expected to be a massive clean-up exercise which is expected to commence at 07:00 hours and continue until around 14:00 hours.

The specific areas earmarked for cleaning are: Water, King, Wellington, America, Regent, Robb and Alexander streets.

This exercise, the M&CC said, is necessary to maintain environmental cleanliness in the City of Georgetown. “Council has observed that some citizens are trying their utmost to keep the environment clean, while there are those who still continue disposing of their refuse in waterways, canals, street drains, alleyways and on parapets,” the M&CC said.

All vendors who operate within the areas specified are therefore expected to participate in the exercise. As such, vending would not be permitted tomorrow during the hours scheduled for the clean-up exercise.

“Vendors are asked to make a special effort to attend since this exercise would help to enhance the environment in which they ply their trade,” the M&CC said.

The City Engineers Department and Solid Waste Management Department would be providing the necessary support in the form of trucks and other vehicles to cart away the sludge and refuse from the exercise. So far, three members of the businesses community have indicated their willingness to provide equipment and tools to the Council to help in this activity.


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