Convicted Mass Killer Royden Williams, also known as ‘Smallie’, told a jury this morning that he was tortured and beaten by detectives to sign a caution statement.

Williams was at the time leading his defence. He, along with Sherwin Nero, also known as, ‘Catty’ and ‘Pussy’, are on trial before Justice James Bovell-Drakes for the August 30, 2007 murder of Kumar Singh called, ‘Mango Man’.

Reports indicate that 51-year-old Singh, a businessman, of Lot 51 Craig Milne, Cove and John, East Coast Demerara was shot and killed by bandits.

According to reports, the gunmen stormed Singh’s home and began terrorising his family. Singh and his family members were shot at during the 15-minute ordeal.

Singh, who received several gunshot wounds died, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. In telling his side of the story, Williams told the jurors that he was beaten and shocked by detectives to sign the caution statement.

According to the murder accused, he repeatedly told investigators that he knew nothing about the murder. He told the court that detectives told him the only way he could have escaped the beatings is if he signed the caution statement they had made up.


Williams further said that detectives poured a substance in his mouth, and he kept spitting it out. He added he was taken to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and was remanded to prison.

Last week, Justice Bovell-Drakes ruled that the caution statement was freely and voluntarily given. Hence, he admitted same to form part of the evidence in the trial. Detective Police Inspector Suraj Singh had read the caution statement in court.

In fact, Inspector Suraj Singh testified that he took the caution statement from Williams. According to the police witness, Williams told him, “Me aint went in the man (Kumar Singh) yard. ‘Coolie Boy’ and Junior went in the yard. Me aint had no gun. Me been a lookout. Them boys go in the yard and spent five to seven minutes.

I hear gunshots and ‘Coolie Boy’ tell me that he shoot the man. I didn’t ask he why he shoot the man. I get $20,000 and the next day I hear that the man that get kill name ‘Mango Man’. Me aint no he right name.”

The two murder accused have retained attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes, while the case for the prosecution is being presented by State Counsel Tameika Clarke.

This trial continues tomorrow for closing addresses.


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