As of February 1, 2019, eight licensed gold dealers have been authorised to act as agents of the Guyana Gold Board. This development, according to a statement issued by the Gold Board is in accordance with the Guyana Gold Board Act Chapter 66:01 Section 9.

The recognised gold dealers include, but are not limited to, 1) Mohamed’s Enterprise of 29 Lombard Street, Georgetown; and 2) El Dorado Trading of Lot 136 Young St, Kingston,   Georgetown; 63 Da Silva St. Newtown, Georgetown; Port Kaituma Water Front; 34 First Avenue, Bartica, Essequibo River; 40 Third Ave. Bartica, Essequibo River; Lot 3 Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast; and Airport Road Lethem.

Other licensed agents are: 3) Dinar Trading of 1 Lamaha and Cummings Streets, Georgetown; 4) Gold Bar Development and Consulting Inc. of First Avenue, Bartica; 5) Excel Minerals Inc., 138 Light and Sixth Streets Alberttown, Georgetown; 68 First Avenue Bartica, Essequibo River; 111 Miles MahdiaKamarangExcel PuruniPuruni VillageBarticaEssequibo River; and 6) GBTI Property Holdings Inc., at Turn Basin, Port Kaituma, North West District and Lot 59 Second Avenue, Bartica, Essequibo River.

The other agents are: 7) Adamantium Metals Inc. of Lot 4/71 B Water Street, Kingston Georgetown and also of 98-99 Charity, Essequibo Coast; and 8) Pure Diamond Inc. of 44 Duncan Street BelAir Park, Georgetown and also of Lot 7 First Avenue Bartica, Essequibo River.


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