GECOM Commissioner, Vincent Alexander, confirmed with the Guyana Standard today that General and Regional Elections would not be possible by April 30.

His comments in this regard are in wake of a letter by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo to President, David Granger on March 4. In that document, Jagdeo laid out a number of conditions he wants the President to conform to, one of them being the agreement to elections before the current voters’ list expires on April 30. Those terms are prerequisite for a meeting between the two leaders.

In an invited comment, Alexander said that there is too much which needs to be done between now and April 30 for elections to be possible. Alexander said, “What needs to be done to get a list ready for elections will take us beyond April 30…There are certain things which have to be done for elections…You have to get nomination day and all these things timetabled… So there isn’t sufficient time… We have to go forward with compiling a new list.”

The GECOM Commissioner said that while elections would not be possible by April 30, based on his projections, it is still very possible for 2019.


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