Failure by medical practitioners to follow protocol has been linked to the recent untimely demise of three young cancer patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

This is according to information released today by the public health institution. Hospital officials at a press conference earlier today said based on thorough investigations of the deaths by an appointed committee led by Director of Medical and Professional Services, Dr. Fawcett Jeffrey through the offices of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, the Assistant Director of Nursing Services, Head of the Paediatric Department, the Pharmacy Manager in collaboration with other heads.

The final report detailing the findings was submitted to the Chief Executive Officer, George Lewis, on January 28, 2019 by Dr. Jeffrey.
Based on the findings of the investigations the failure to follow protocol was a direct result of a shortage of trained medical staff.
The investigations included the collection of statements from all parties, directly or indirectly involved, and other witnesses otherwise privy to personal information, said Chairperson of the hospital, Ms. Kesaundra Alves.

Alves said that that report blamed “human deficiencies and systemic challenges” for the children’s deaths. When asked to elaborate further on her revelation it was revealed that the hospital faces a shortage of staff which, at the time, caused the available personnel to be spread thinly across patients and duties. As a result, a senior doctor was not there to supervise the administration of the medication, though this is what is considered ideal.

The report recommended that a number of measures to a reoccurrence of the daunting situation.

In so doing the medical practitioners who were involved in the cases were relieved of their duties and sent on administrative leave on January 29, pending further review of the report and possible disciplinary action.

Yesterday hospital officials not only shared the findings of the investigations conducted but also apologised to the family of the deceased even as they revealed that further discussions will be had on the way forward.

It was revealed that the hospital’s board will be tasked with deciding whether further disciplinary action will be taken against the culpable staffers and ascertain inform whether compensation will be given to the affected families.
Following the administration of chemotherapy drugs the three children at the centre of the dilemma suffered adverse reactions on or around January 5, 2019. .

Kerwayne Edwards, 7, died on January 8 while in the Paediatric Ward, while Roshanie Seegobin, 3, and Sharezer Mendonca, 6, died on January 18 and 24, respectively, in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). They were all treated by the same team of medical doctors.


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