With the local oil and gas sector taking shape, the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) of Guyana has taken note of the possible new challenges ahead and has decided to host an international stakeholder’s conference, titled: “Guyana’s New Maritime Landscape; Preparing for the Future”.

The conference, according to information released by MARAD will seek to address the demands of the new industry on the maritime resources of the country.

The conference will be held on Wednesday March 27, 2019 at 09:00 hours at the Georgetown Marriott. According to information shared with this new outlet, there will be presentations by international and national experts who will discuss and consider what a new efficient legal and regulatory maritime regime should look like for Guyana in 2020 and beyond.

The international experts include Dr. Vivian Rambarath-Parasram; Assistant Professor at the University of Trinidad and Tobago and director of MTCC Caribbean, Professor Eric Smith from the AB Freeman School of business at Tulane University; Rear Admiral James Olsen; Retired Admiral of the US Coast Guard who held responsibility for maritime security in Alaska; Mr. Colin Young, Regional Advisor Caribbean, International Maritime Organisation; and Thomas Steigerwald, Petroleum Consultant.

The Conference will provide an opportunity to participate in the creation of an entirely new, safe, modern and efficient maritime regime for Guyana. The conference commences at 9.00 AM on the 27th March 2019.

Registration information for the conference is available on the Department’s website and Facebook page at www.marad.gov.gy and www.facebook.com/maradguyana.


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