A 39-year-old former murder accused has confessed to breaking into a car at Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on Thursday last.

The suspect, Bisram Paul, of Lot 399 Third Street, Herstelling, reportedly told police ranks that he was intoxicated and had no idea what he was doing on that morning.

“Leh me tell you the truth. I was drunk and I don’t know what meh went doing. My mother does tell me I shouldn’t go out on full moon nights because bad things does happen to me,” the suspect told detectives.

Paul was arrested by ranks on a patrol minutes after he used a rock to break into a Toyota IST.

Two cars were hijacked from the area in less than a month. As such, the former murder accused is being questioned for those carjacking.

On the morning of the incident, the victim said that she was awakened by the sound of her car alarm and this caused her to peep out of her window.

“When I peep, I didn’t see anything so I went back to bed and within a couple of minutes after, I heard what sounded like shattered glasses and my alarm subsequently went off again. I ran to the window and saw a black Toyota Raum (PKK 6473) speeding away. I stayed at my window and noticed the same car turned around.”

She added that the car then drove passed her vehicle and the driver turned back with its head lamp off and stopped his car opposite her vehicle. “He was wearing a white round neck jersey, blue pants, low hair cut and he was dark in complexion. He went to my car and pushed his hand inside and my alarm went off again and he yanked at the alarm wire and pulled it out.”

At this point, the victim said that she yelled at the suspect and told him that he was being recorded on a surveillance camera and that the police will find him. The suspect then jumped in his car and sped off.

“I called the police and Sergeant Fraser immediately sent a patrol which was headed by Corporal Gordon. While on the phone with the Corporal, I saw the suspect’s vehicle driving pass my home—again, he then turned around and at this point, he was confronted by the police ranks.”

The suspect was then taken into police custody.

Information reaching this news agency is that the suspect has spent 16 and a half years in prison for a double murder. He was also charged last year for simple larceny after he stole some items from his aunt’s home.

On Thursday while at the station, the suspect reminded the victim that he spent 16 years in prison and he would murder anyone who sent him to jail again. He suggested that the young woman would have to vacate her home.


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