A 23-year-old man hanged himself this morning after he raped a teenage girl and chopped her parents at Falmouth Village in the Essequibo River.

The deceased has been identified as Raphael Charles. He only celebrated his birthday yesterday.

According to information received, the deceased and the teen’s father, along with some other friends, were imbibing.

Just after midnight, the 14-year-old and her parents went to bed while everyone else went home. The suspect was left in the house watching television.

The Guyana Standard was told that about an hour after everyone retired to bed, the suspect armed himself with a cutlass and went into the elderly couple’s bedroom and started chopping them. The victims ran for their lives.

According to information received, the suspect then went into the teenager’s room and raped her. She later managed to run out of the house.

When the police arrived at the scene, the suspect was found hanging.



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