Encouraging sports reporters to utilise the metric system when writing or broadcasting their news stories was a topic that came up for discussion during a meeting between Minister of Social Cohesion with Responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. George Norton, and members of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS).

Dr. Norton, along with the Assistant Director of Sport, Ms. Melissa Dow-Richardson, met with the GNBS team yesterday at his Main Street office.

The team included Chairperson of the National Standards Council, Ms. Carole Fletcher; Deputy Director/ Acting Executive Director of GNBS, Ms. Ramrattie Karan; Head of Marketing and Communication, Mr. Syeid Ibrahim; Executive Assistant, Ms. Shaneika Haynes; and Public Relations Officer, Mr. Lloyd David.

The GNBS has embarked on a campaign to encourage use of the International System of Units, better known as the metric system. The group sought to engage Minister Norton to ensure that the metric system is being promoted in the area of Sports.

Minister Norton noted that while most of the sports disciplines utilised the metric system, there is a need for all Guyanese to familiarise themselves with the concept and adopt its usage.

Dr. Norton offered the GNBS team the opportunity to be part of the Ministry’s various community outreach programmes, including its Social Cohesion sensitisation sessions and its Diversity Education and Inclusion Training.

“We’ve now adopted a method where all of our community engagements are attended by members of each department – Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport; – that way, we are able to comprehensively address the challenges faced by each of the communities we visit. I believe that this would be an excellent forum for you to bring awareness to your campaign,” Minister Norton said.

The Minister also encouraged GNBS to seek collaboration with the Ministry of Education, since educating and promoting the use of the metric system by the younger generation would be tremendously impactful.

Chairperson, Ms. Fletcher, agreed with Minister Norton, noting that the GNBS team will be reaching out to all the Ministries of Government as it continues to advocate for the abandonment the imperial system.


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