The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure are set to officially open the Manari Bypass in Rupununi Region Nine on Saturday.

In a statement to the media, the Natural Resources Ministry said that prior to the road project, several accidents and fatalities continued to occur at the Manari Bridge. Consequently, the Government of Guyana gave a commitment to eliminate the dangerous curve approaching this specific area by re-aligning the road, therefore, removing the dangers and preserving human life.

The Ministry said that the project, costing over $83M, was awarded to JR Ranch Inc. which is well known in the region for doing outstanding work. The Ministry said that it saw over 20,000 cubic meters of fill material being used to raise the road to a reasonable elevation to mitigate the negative effects of flooding and landslides that are common in the generally flat terrain of the Rupununi Savannahs.

Further, the Ministry said that a 200 mm layer of suitable lateritic material was placed and compacted on the finished roadway consequently providing a surface for good ride-ability.

The Ministry said, “This is one of several projects financed by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission in support of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s civil works. The Government sees the Linden-Lethem corridor itself as very important since it holds the primary function of facilitating residents, visitors, loggers, and minibuses.”

To this end, the Ministry said that the open procurement process for the reconstruction of the Manari Bridge has commenced and a new bridge is expected to be in place before the end of 2019. The Ministries of Natural Resources and Public Infrastructure said that they are pleased to have facilitated this project and having met the expectations of persons who would now benefit from the improved travel comfort.

Both Ministries urge all to utilise the road wisely.


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