With the sum of $24M from the Ministry of Communities, the Georgetown City Council is now poised to commence construction works on two bridges in constituencies 13 and 15 and the rehabilitation of three playgrounds. The Council last Thursday commenced signing of the contracts for the projects.

The playgrounds to be rehabilitated are those in West Ruimveldt, East Ruimveldt, and Evan Phillip Park in Agricola and the bridges are situated along Laing Avenue linking La Penitence and the Laing Avenue communities.

The construction of the bridges will cost a sum of $3 M each, while the cost for the rehabilitation of the West Ruimveldt and Evan Phillip Park grounds will cost sum of $7.7M and the other at East Ruimveldt $3M.

The scope of works for the playground include: clearing of all vegetation, derelicts, wood, metal, and other debris. The contract requires sand filling of the uneven sections of the playgrounds and the grading of the ground to allow for the free flow of surface water.

All contractors, according to information out of the municipality, are responsible for the removal of debris. In addition, the agreement allows for the installation of LED solar lights along the perimeter of the grounds. In addition, all contractors are responsible for carting away of all waste from the site. Hence, waste left on the parapet would attract a penalty.


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