The APNU+AFC’s plan for a Green State Development Strategy (GSDS) is not only four years too late, but it will also be a waste of time and $300M, says attorney-at-law and Oil and Gas Consultant, Charles Ramson Jr.

During an exclusive interview with the Guyana Standard, Ramson said, “To complete the strategy, it would need in excess of US$1M and, if it is the case you are developing a development strategy that will cost that much, then it is a waste of money because a vast portion of that money will go to overseas ‘experts’ who know little about our country.”

The Oil and Gas Consultant added, “I also wish to note that such a strategy is something that you formulate immediately upon your assumption of government because that is your programme for guiding the country’s development…Now if that document is not completed in year four of your being in government, then doing so now would result in a waste of time and money.”

Ramson said, too, that if such a strategy does not involve the political opposition, then any new government that goes in will push it aside and they will craft theirTheme support own plan.

For the time being, the government has developed a Green State Development Strategy Framework which provides a consolidation of the relevant goals and targets of the country in an economic, environmental, and social context.

It is also an outline of the strategic areas to be developed with expert groups and through broad national multi-stakeholder consultations. It builds on past strategies and lays out the elements to be examined and consulted upon during the course of the GSDS’s development.


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