Recently appointed US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, is of the firm view that there is no such thing as being overly prepared for the oil and gas sector and, as local authorities hasten efforts to develop its capacity for this sector, the envoy posits that the input of the nation’s youth must be sought.

The Ambassador made these remarks this morning during an interview with radio announcer and journalist, Gordon Moseley, on the Hits and Jams 94.1 Boom FM.

The US Ambassador said, “From everything I have been reading and conversations I have had, there is a lot of effort being put towards being prepared for oil. There was the development of the Natural Resource Fund [NRF] and talks of the need to diversify the economy and talks of reinvesting in biodiversity. But I don’t think you can be too prepared. It is important to look at all of those areas and elicit input from all sorts of folks…including the youth and really make sure Guyana is fully ready for this new day.”

The envoy also acknowledged that the US is helping Guyana in its preparation for the oil and gas sector. But Lynch noted that the US is not just fixed on oil and gas.

She said, “This is an exciting time with tremendous opportunities for Guyana. But we are not just looking at the oil sector. We are looking at other secondary, tertiary spin-offs and sectors that might be looked at for development. I think we don’t want to look just at oil and gas but what it can do for the rest of the country. We are looking at all sorts of possibilities.”

The Ambassador said that during her conversations with locals, mention has been made about having some of the oil money invested in the agriculture, manufacturing, information technology and services industries.

Caption: US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch


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