In an attempt to ensure that all forest operations are authorised, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving to execute a tactical project called ‘Providing Capacity Building Assistance to Community Forest Organisations (CFOs) on the Environmental Authorisation process in Guyana’.

The project falls under the Food and Agriculture Organisation-European Union-Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FAO-EU-FLEGT) programme. Moreover, the EPA in a published expression of interest notice said that “the objective of this project is to guide Community Forest Organisations on the process involved in obtaining an Environmental Authorisation.” A move in this direction, the EPA said, is in accordance with the EPA Chapter 20:05 of 1996, thereby complying with the EU-FLEGT VPA legality definition.

As part of the project activity, an analysis on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of the Environmental Authorisation is expected to be done with community forest organisations. As such, the EPA said that it is calling for expressions of interest from experts with a high level of expertise and professional experience in areas related to: statistics, data analysis and interpretation, survey research, and comparative analysis.

The EPA has also made it clear that “experts shall be chosen on the basis of skills, experience, and knowledge appropriate to carry out the tasks assigned to them.” Moreover, applicants with a statistical and comparative analysis background will be favoured, EPA asserted.


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