An audit conducted by the Guyana Police Force on the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) has revealed that the unit was engaged in a number of corrupt acts from 2016 to now. Considering this, Opposition Leader, Bharat Jagdeo accused the government of turning a blind eye to the tainted operations of the unit during that time because it was doing the government’s bidding.

Stabroek News was the first to break the story on the Force’s report which spoke to the falsification of evidence in prosecutions and the refusal to disclose materials which the law requires in order to ensure a fair trial of persons charged. The news outfit also noted that SOCU was apparently using money set aside for investigations without providing evidence to prove that it was used for the intended purpose.

At a press conference held yesterday at his Church Street Office, Jagdeo reminded that SOCU was created to support the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) so as to secure prosecutions where money laundering is concerned.

“But what has happened now? … It became a political body and in the meantime, it was engaged in a series of corrupt acts that have now come to light. And I believe it was facilitated by these ministers. They turned a blind eye to the corruption because the dog was doing what it wanted…It is not just SOCU that should be shut down but (Public Security Minister, Khemraj) Ramjattan should resign…,” Jagdeo expressed.

The Opposition Leader also bemoaned the fact that SOCU has failed to secure a single conviction where money laundering is concerned. He said that this is in spite of the allegations that were being made by the government that the economy was being kept alive by drug money.


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