A night of drinking with a stranger has left a man facing a larceny charge.

Morvin Akeem Mikoo, 23, of Supply, East Bank Demerara, who had an interesting story to tell the court, pleaded guilty to the charge.

It is alleged that on April 14, 2019 at Seawall Road, Georgetown, he stole one phone valued $85,000, property of Travis Rampaul.

The Prosecutor told the court that on April 14, 2019, around 23:30 hrs, the victim and the defendant went to the Seawall to hangout.

The court heard that after a while, Rampaul sent Mikoo to his car to get a pack of cigarette.

After a few minutes elapsed, Rampaul went to his car and discovered his phone missing and Mikoo was nowhere to be found.

He then went and reported the matter to the Alberttown Police Station.

An investigation was then carried out and Bennet was arrested for the offence.

However, Mikoo had a totally different story to tell the court.

 Mikoo, who stood calmly in the prisoners dock, said, “ I was at a shop waiting for a bus to go home. Shortly after, he (Rampaul) pulled up beside me and asked who I’m linking with tonight. I tell he I don’t lime with people I does move by myself.”

 Mikoo added that Rampaul then offered him something to drink and he accepted a bottle of water because he does not drink alcohol.

Shortly after, Rampaul invited him into his vehicle and told him that they are going to town to look for girls to take to the Seawall.

 Mikoo added that they found two girls at a corner and they proceeded to the Seawall.

On arrival at the Seawall, Mikoo told the court that Rampaul took off his gold chain and placed it around his neck to keep.

He also give him his wallet containing his money to keep.

This, Rampaul said was because he was scared of getting robbed and Mikoo looked like a man who won’t get robbed.

 Mikoo told the court he agreed to keep the articles for the stranger who he followed to the  Seawall.

However, a few minutes after drinking, he told the court that Rampaul sent him to his vehicle to get a packet of cigarette.

He said that when he arrived at the vehicle he did not see any cigarette but he saw a phone and he decided to put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

He then went and told Rampaul that no cigarette was in his vehicle an Rampaul gave him $1000 to purchase a pack.

 Mikoo said that he was scared to walk with the chain and the wallet containing money, so he handed them over to Rampaul. He, however did not hand over the phone.

 Mikoo said that while he was returning with the cigarette, three negro guys attacked him and took away the phone.

He said he was scared to tell Rampaul what had transpired so he went by his friend who later followed him to report the matter to the Timehri Police Station

The Magistrate, after listening to Mikoo’s explanation, entered a not guilty on his behalf.

She released him on $10,000 bail.

Condition of the bail is that he report every Friday to the Grove Police Station until the hearing and determination of the trial.

He was instructed to make his next court appearance on  April 26, 2019.


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