Most persons involved in fashion designing are in love with the art. They live for fashion and are always looking to better the work done the day before.  Parrish Shannon Cadogan is one such person.

The former basketball player and national athlete who hails from Linden is already in the design business. “I can design anything you want, hats, bags, cups, shoes, anything!” However, he is looking to launch his own clothing brand.

This is a lifelong dream of Cadogan’s. He indicated that he never had any greater passion than designing.

The 25-year-old told Guyana Standard, “From a tender age, I knew I wanted to be a designer because I was always putting different pieces together and the product was always good. I’m a very creative person.”

Cadogan owns Swag Styles, a small business launched in 2015 that specializes in customized t-shirts, sneakers, bed sheets, hats and almost any other item that could endure the heat transfer method for print design.

But the young designer sees that it is time to expand.

“Right now, I am putting things in place so that I can achieve what I want. I know once I put my mind to something, I can achieve it.”

Cadogan has every confidence in himself that his brand would be successful.

He said that even at the stage he is at now, he is extremely committed to amazing his customers.  The youth said that he knows he will carry that same attitude over to his clothing line and will strive daily to improve himself and keep customers happy.

Cadogan said, “I’m satisfied when my clients are satisfied with their products. Seeing them smile gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and it pushes me to work harder and be the best that I can be.”

The young man said he is grateful for social media platforms, which he uses to advertise his business. The company’s Facebook page is Swag Styles Company.

His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is for them to follow their dreams and do what they love.

“This is my own talent and this is what God blessed me with… don’t follow [anybody] else’s dreams! Not because you see somebody else doing something that means it’s for you too. Find what’s for you and pursue it,” he encouraged.


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