A City Magistrate today sentenced a labourer to nine months’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody.

Roy Abrahams, 39, pleaded guilt to the charge which read that, on April 24, 2019 at Alberttown, Georgetown, while being in custody at the Alberttown Police Station on a simple larceny charge, he escaped lawful custody.

Abrahams, in addressing the court, stated, “They keep locking me up steady steady so I had to find a way to escape. I pick the lock and I beat out. Them catch me back though.”

Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh told the Court that, on the day in question at around 11:30 hrs, Abrahams was arrested and taken into custody on an allegation of simple larceny. While in custody he was handcuffed and placed in the inquiry department to sit. Shorty after, he unlocked his handcuffs and jumped over the counter before running out the station compound.

An investigation was then launched and he was later arrested on May 2 and taken back into custody.

The Magistrate, after listening to the facts, sentenced him to nine months in jail.



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