Guyana’s Local Content Policy was supposed to be in place since March. But after missing that deadline, Energy Department Head, Dr. Mark Bynoe said that it has now been adjusted to June.

At a recent press conference, Dr. Bynoe said that the policy is going through a discussion phase.

He also addressed the concern that the person leading the discussion and the refinement of the policy is Local Content Specialist, Dr. Michael Warner who works for ExxonMobil. Warner is to be paid $22M.

This news agency had exposed that not only is Dr. Warner an employee of ExxonMobil, but his company, Local Content Solutions Limited, was acquired by DAI International Group a few months ago. DAI is an American company which manages ExxonMobil’s Local Content Centre for Development located on South Road, Georgetown. Warner provides training there on how local businesses can fit themselves into ExxonMobil’s supply chain.

In response to mounting criticisms, Dr. Bynoe said, “Let me make it clear that he is not an ExxonMobil specialist. He is a Local Content specialist whose expertise has been used by a multiplicity of agencies including Exxon. We are utilizing his services and he was hired based on a competitive basis. His curriculum vita was sent to the World Bank which is financing the project and we are confident that we are getting value for money.”

The Energy Department Head also stressed that before the document is finalized, Guyanese will have an opportunity to peruse it. He said too that the private sector has asked that the consultation process not be a lengthy one so that the policy can be in place as soon as possible. Dr. Bynoe said that he is in agreement with that recommendation.


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