A 19-year-old Kamarang resident who pleaded guilty to an illegal possession of ammunition charge was yesterday afternoon sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the offence.

Steve King of Kamarang Village pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on May 5, 2019 at Kamarang Village in the Mazaruni River, he had in his possession one .32 ammunition when he was not a licensed firearm owner at the time.

An unrepresented King pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge after it was read to him.

In his explanation he stated, “I ain’t really know what’s going on but the officer told me plead guilty and everything will be okay.”

Facts presented by Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh stated that, on the day in question at around 12:30 hrs, ranks from the Kamarang Police Station were acting on an allegation of simple larceny said to have been committed by the defendant.

Base on information received, the ranks made contact with King and conducted a search on his possession.

It was during the search that an officer found the ammunition in King’s haversack in a transparent container. King was then arrested and taken into custody, hence charged for the offence.

The magistrate, after listening to the facts, sentenced King to two years in jail.



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