The APNU+AFC administration has made a number of missteps since assuming office. But it does not mean that the PPP will be able to win the next general and regional elections with a landslide victory, Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Dr. David Hinds has noted.

During an exclusive interview with the Guyana Standard, Dr. Hinds said he believes that the next elections will be as close as the last one, largely because the PPP and the coalition are still to make a convincing case to the undecided voters that one party is better than the other.

The University Professor said, “I think the elections will be decided largely by younger voters and they [the parties] first have to convince that group to go out to the polls and neither side has made that case for the young people.”

Further to this, Dr. Hinds said that he does not take seriously recent statements made by the PPP’s General Secretary, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, that the government’s sheer folly and incompetence since assuming office makes it easy for it [PPP] to win the next elections.

Dr. Hinds said, “Yes, the government has made mistakes but I don’t think that the mistakes of the government amounts to an endorsement of the PPP and this is what Jagdeo seems to be saying. The PPP will not automatically benefit from the mistakes of the government.”

The columnist added that while some of the government’s supporters are dissatisfied with the performance of the government, he does not believe that they will cross over to the PPP. In fact, Dr. Hinds opined that the controversial no confidence motion perhaps served to bring back some of the support the coalition lost among some of its supporters.

But overall, Dr. Hinds concluded that neither side should see the next elections as a cakewalk.



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