Set for this Sunday (May 19, 2019), Outliers Zone will be commemorating ‘Teach a Child to Save Day’ with a Money Smart Kids and Parents Workshop.

The workshop, scheduled for the National Gymnasium, will target children of both primary and secondary schools along with their parents. The theme for Teach a Child to Save Day 2019 is “Teaching children to earn and invest their monies to grow it from young.”

Celebrated on April 12, ‘Teach a Child to Save Day’ is an International campaign that spotlights the importance of teaching the nation’s children and youth about saving, investing, earning, and tithing money to avoid the adult paycheck to paycheck life.

Outliers Zone, founded by Mrs. Athalyah Yisrael, is targeting 1,000 primary and secondary level students for this pioneering Money Smart Kids Workshop, which is being sponsored by the Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry (GBTI), Igloo Ice-Cream, and Tech Pro. This financial literacy workshop for children is fully endorsed by the Ministry of Education as it is viewed as an important aspect of molding a positive financial future for children who are the adults of tomorrow.

Geared towards educating children and parents about money management, the workshop will teach participants the basics about money – budgeting, saving, donating, investing, earning and tithing – for a healthy financial future.

Outliers Zone is a Financial Wellness Institute dedicated to providing financial management training to help employees double their income. Their training also teaches children how to double their pocket money when received.

Since Outliers Zone’s launch in 2017, it has helped almost 1,100 employees end their paycheck to paycheck cycle and start building a strong financial system.

“We are catering for 500 students from the primary level and their parents from 13:00-14:30 hrs and 500 students from the secondary level from 15:30 to 17:00hrs. Tickets cost $500 each for the primary level and $600 each for the secondary level. Adult tickets cost $1000. Once Purchase before Friday May 17, parents can get the special of a parent and a child ticket for $1000. This nominal price covers the cost of the workshop delivery and materials for the children. Each child will also be entered into a draw to win one of our piggy banks worth $9000,” explained Yisrael, who is also a Financial Wellness Coach and organiser of the event.

She is encouraging parents, companies, and schools in Georgetown and its outskirts to participate. Tickets for the event are available at Church’s Chicken’s Camp Street location and Igloo Ice-Cream at Providence and Stabroek. Companies can purchase tickets for schools of their choice while parents and schools can purchase tickets for students. Interested persons can contact Yisrael on 623-4386 or via their Facebook page.



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