Under a PPP Government, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo promises that an intense war would be waged against corruption and, to do this, he intends to strengthen those institutions mandated to address this scourge as well as introduce new ones.

At his press conference today hosted at his Church Street Office, the PPP General Secretary said that this subject would be better defined in his party’s manifesto. “And we will launch a package of measures to do this,” he added.

But inquiring members of the media challenged the former President to say if he believes this will be enough to erase perceptions about his party’s checkered record in office.

The PPP General Secretary quickly retorted, “You are right because that is exactly what it is, just perceptions.”

The Opposition Leader said that the APNU+AFC administration did a pretty good job of painting a mere picture of the PPP being corrupt.

“But now that they are in office, they are faced with a situation where they have to prove all that they said about us was true. And this is why I spend some time talking about what they said in the past and ask them why they aren’t doing anything about it,” the Opposition Leader stated.

Jagdeo reminded that it was the same APNU+AFC Government which branded the Marriott Hotel as a corrupt project, saying that it has to be sold. Today, he said that the government has every intention to keep the hotel and has said that it is doing well.

The PPP General Secretary recalled as well that over 30 forensic audit reports were done, with some uncovering that millions of dollars were being held in the accounts of several state agencies. Jagdeo said that the reports have not allowed for better management of these agencies but rather led them to a state of bankruptcy. The Guyana Forestry Commission is a prime example of this, he said.

Jagdeo said that given the plans of the PPP for its time in office, he can assure that the misery facing the citizenry will soon be over.



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