As the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) awaits the decision of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the validity of the controversial no-confidence motion, it is moving full steam ahead with fine-tuning plans for the oil and gas sector.

Speaking to members of the press at his Church Street Office today, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said that these plans will be encapsulated in the party’s manifesto.

The politician said that much effort is being put into having a detailed manifesto since the PPP would like to like to start implementing a fully fledged programme that will transform the lives of citizens the minute the party wins the next elections.

Expounding on the plans for the oil sector, the General Secretary said that his party has been exploring and studying various models which would allow for the transparent management of the industry under a PPP Government.

Jagdeo said he has every intention to ensure that the oil sector is managed in a bipartisan way where it is able to rise above politics and resources are used to benefit all Guyanese. The former President said too that the party will be consulting with technical people in the sector but the political opposition will not be a slave to consultants. He said that the final decision on matters regarding the oil sector will be made by the government and “not some cut and paste thing from a consultant”.

Further to this, the Opposition Leader revealed that the PPP is working extensively on putting together a Local Content Policy which would ensure that Guyanese benefit the most from the oil sector. He said too that work is being done to determine what portion of the oil money will go to the people, how much will be saved for intergenerational purposes, and how much will be expended on improving social services as well as the education sector.



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