Don’t risk being caught without a valid licence the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has warned those operators within the fuel sector.

The fuel monitoring entity in a notice said that “all persons involved in the wholesale, import, export, retail, transport and/or storage of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants and LPG, require a GEA licence.”

Moreover, GEA in issuing a reminder has urged that all current licence holders should check the expiry date of their licences or seek to visit GEA’s Quamina Street, Georgetown office early to complete the renewal process to avoid the payment of penalty fees.

If persons are unable to complete the renewal process, they are being advised to “please communicate the reason for the delay in writing to the GEA before the expiration of the licence.”

Persons who which to contact the entity before taking the necessary action can do so by contacting the GEA Licensing Division on 226-0394 – ext.: 220/234 or visit the institution at

The Licensing Division is specifically tasked with enforcing the Laws and Regulations governing all activities involving petroleum and petroleum products in Guyana. The Division grants and issues licences to all individuals, companies, and agencies that import, export, wholesale, retail, store, transport in bulk quantities, or otherwise deal with petroleum and petroleum products. Licences are issued after a site visit is conducted to ensure compliance with the regulations and approved standards.

The Division also investigates the commission of and prosecutes offenders for various violations under the GEA Act and the Petroleum and Petroleum Products Regulations.



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