A two-member delegation from the Ministry of Social Protection, which is responsible for labour administration, attended the 11th International Labour Organisation’s sub-regional meeting which was held in Barbados.

Guyana’s delegation comprised of the Hon. Keith Scott, the Minister responsible for Labour, and Ms Karen Vansluytman-Corbin, Assistant Chief Labour Officer (ag). The meeting occurred during the period of May 14-15, 2019.

It is significant to observe that the meeting was held under the theme: Shaping a Brighter Future of Work for the Caribbean, at a time when the ILO is observing its centenary with the Future of Work as the main thrust.

The meeting commenced with a presentation which highlighted the findings and recommendation of the commission on the Future of Work Report which had been commissioned by the ILO approximately two years ago.

Minister Scott for the second time in as many years and meetings made two presentations as Guyana’s contributions. One of those contributions emphasised the challenges which labour ministers have to confront as they embark on a dynamic agenda encompassing the parameters, including increased investment in people’s capabilities; increased investment in institutions of work; and increased instrument in decent and sustainable work.

Minister Scott, who was a member of the panel on the second day (May 15, 2019), led the discussions after he presented a Paper on “Fair Share of Progress for All”.

That apart, he participated in a Closed Session for labour ministers who devoted their attention to the COSHOD.

That engagement constituted of a continuation of a video conference on May 8, 2019, which dealt with the Free Movement of Skills in relation to agricultural workers, security guards, and domestic service workers and caregivers.

In the limited time available, Minister Scott engaged Sir Roy Trotman, an outstanding industrial relations icon of the Caribbean, and the Honourable Deborah Thomas-Felix, the President of the Industrial Relations Court of Trinidad and Tobago. Thomas-Felix shared her experiences on the workings of the Industrial Relations Court in the twin-island nation.

Generally, the meeting was a success in that it provided opportunities for a sharing of ideas, perspectives, plans, and programmes of the member states of CARICOM.

While Minister Scott was engaged with the core issues of the future of work, Ms Vansluytman-Corbin was engaged in matters pertaining to Guyana’s view on the Care Economy.



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