Having completed three years of studies at the Texila American University, a young Lindener was closer to becoming a doctor, a profession to which she always aspired.

But unfortunately for 22-year-old Shellon Messiah of Amelia’s Ward Linden, her pursuit ended abruptly as the persons who were funding her scholarship could no longer afford to cover the remaining two years of the programmes.

Messiah, who attended the Mackenzie High School in Linden, has a passion for helping others, and spends time volunteering.

Due to her humanitarian traits, she was awarded the scholarship through Critchlow Labour College to pursue studies at Texila American University.

She said, “Being a student on scholarship was already a challenge since the demands at Texila are a lot but I managed to stay focused and endured the storms with my eyes glued to the prize.”

When her scholarship ended, Messiah recalled, “I had to leave my fourth year of medical school because I was unable to pay my tuition fee. I wrote many letters to persons in authority. Unfortunately things did not go well. However, I said I reached too far and I will make it to the end by the grace of God.”

The woman added that she was initially depressed but another person reached out to her for help and that’s when it hit her that everyone face challenges so she decided to get up and started writing her book entitled “Hurdles”.

In her book, Messiah has ten short stories featuring different challenges young people face.

She said the aim of the book is to encourage people that they can overcome.

After writing the book, the young lady decided to take her own advice.

Messiah, who is talented in the kitchen, decided to start a small business named Ambrosial Cuisine.

“I love baking and my friends and family would always ask me to bake pastries for them so I got up one day and started cooking and baking.”

Some snacks prepared by Shellon Messiah

The business got off to a successful start as Messiah was getting the support she needed.

The young woman recalled persons telling her that she have found her calling, but she would retort, “No saving lives is what I should be doing.”

Messiah said that her business is doing well thus far and she should be heading out back to medical school come September. She noted that she would continue cooking on the weekends because she still has to acquire her final year tuition fee.

Different dishes presented by Shellon Messiah

When this belle is not cooking or studying, she enjoys modeling, writing, and babysitting.

Shellon Messiah wears one of Setra Oselmo design

While noting that she goes through a lot of challenges, she said a friend once told her, “When you’re going through hell you don’t stop because the fire will consume you so every day I keep going.”

Shellon Messiah poses with her certificates for being the winner of Texila Medical Research Conference


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