Twelve hours after he was reported missing, the body of a 38-year-old taxi driver was discovered dead and his car partially submerged in a canal at Adventure, Corentyne, Berbice late yesterday.

Dead is Lynsay Grant, a father of one of Adventure Village. His body was discovered on the parapet of the canal where his car was also found.

Investigators believe that the father of one might have died in an accident after losing control of his vehicle. This argument was supported by the fact that a large piece of vegetation was cleared, showing the markings of where the vehicle careened off the road.

Traffic ranks are working on two theories as it relates to Grant’s body being found out of his car. For one, they assumed that he managed to crawl out of the vehicle after it ended up in the canal but due to the impact of the crash, he succumbed shortly after.

Secondly, they opined that the driver’s body might have been thrown out of the vehicle as it toppled. A post mortem examination will tell if there was any foul play.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that the taxi driver’s body was found by a farmer who was passing through the area. This was some 12 hours after the deceased failed to return home.

His wife, Natasha Rambarose, said that he left home just after lunch on Sunday but never returned home. When he failed to make contact with her around 23:00 hrs that night, she started calling his friends and family to inquire.

On Monday morning, relatives went in search of him. It was until yesterday afternoon that a farmer informed the police about a body he had stumbled upon. The family was notified.

An investigation into the matter is ongoing.


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