Auditor General (AG), Deodat Sharma recently noted that he is yet to receive 80 percent of the documents that are needed for a special probe into the financial health of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC). But Mayor Ubraj Narine, told the Guyana Standard that he is unaware of this development.


In a brief interview with this news agency, Narine said that the AG did not write him concerning this issue and he expected same at the very least. Mayor Narine said he would be more than happy to help the AG get access to all the documents he needs for his audit as he stands for transparency and accountability.

Further to this, Narine shared that when he was appointed Mayor last year, he had a meeting with the Auditor General on various issues with respect to the Council. He called for the line of communication and engagement to be maintained going forward.

Narine said that he has only received a letter from the Local Government Commission requesting certain documents to be made available to it. “I asked the staff here to make everything available,” added the Mayor.

Narine indicated that he would be hosting a press conference this week which will focus on the financial health of the council, among other important matters.


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