When the PPP’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali is placed beside APNU+AFC’s confirmed presidential candidate, President David Granger, for the time being there can be no comparison nor doubt in anyone’s mind who is the better leader. In the eyes of Finance Minister Winston Jordan, it is tantamount to comparing a giant to a pygmy.

The minister expressed these thoughts yesterday at the government’s Bartica community meeting. There, the economist said that Ali was no match for Granger, a tested soldier. He also cautioned against falling prey to the false hope and promises that are being made by Ali and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

In this regard, Jordan pointed to the fact that the PPP, which is already in election campaign mode, said that, if elected to office once again, it would bring 50,000 new jobs and reopen the closed sugar estates.

Jordan questioned, “But how are you going to open back sugar estates that are scrap iron?” He continued, “The people who put in bids for the four estates, many of them walked after seeing the poor conditions of the estates. They said that it is scrap iron, that if they purchased it they would have to rip out everything and replace them with new things.”

Further to this, the finance minister alluded to the fact that Jagdeo and Ali — the latter who appears to be missing in action since Jagdeo is always on the frontline for the party — should not be trusted with Guyana’s future.

Jordan noted that with the coming of oil, citizens should not be fooled about the true intention of the Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion. He categorically stated that it was all about oil.

The minister said that the nation is now in a war, one that does not include the use of slings and arrows, but a war for the survival of the current and future generations.


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