Its another day and senior whistleblowing officers in Berbice are not holding back as they continue to make earth-shattering revelations about the operations of top brass within the Guyana Police Force.

The whistleblowing cops have been revealing information almost daily for the past week and there has not been any response by GPF or the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

The ranks are speaking out after the phone numbers of four Berbice cops and a senior officer from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Eve Leary, Georgetown, were found in the phone of the now dead bandit Kelvin Shivgobin, who was killed by police in a shootout last month.

Furthermore, 25 phone calls were made to the senior CID officer by Shivgobin around the time he and two of his accomplices were killed.

Transfer of divisional detectives

The whistleblowing ‘B’ Division officers have revealed that the senior CID officer from Eve Leary has had major influences in the CID departments throughout the country.

According to information received, the officer had key CID officials across various divisions replaced with his friends. Most of these officials were once linked in corrupt practices and in some instances removed from their station districts for corruption.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that in a bold move, the senior officer removed the head of CID in one division despite ranks protesting that their boss was performing and this was evident —robberies were at an all-time low and two murder cases for a one-year period were quickly solved.

In a second division, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Chabinauth Singh was replaced by another ASP who allegedly tried to prevent the course of justice in a murder trial at the High Court in 2008.

In a third division, ASP Singh was replaced by an officer who was accused of releasing young boys from police custody for sexual favours.

In a fourth division, Sergeant Seetaram was replaced by another Sergeant who was discredited for providing false statements in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into threats made to kill President David Granger.

In a fifth division, Sergeant Thuknauth was replaced by an officer who was transferred out of one station district for sexual misconduct.

And in the Major Crimes Unit, two senior detectives, Inspector Prem Narine and Inspector Suraj Singh, were transferred. These officers have worked on many successful cases, including the Marcus Brian Bisram case. Inspector Narine, a former best cop, was the policeman who refused $4M from Bisram’s mother, resulting in her being charged along with another relative.

Guyana Standard is also in receipt of the names of many other CID ranks who were transferred under questionable circumstances provided by the Berbice whistleblowers.


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