The 2015 general and regional elections and two local government elections after that were all held without the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) doing house-to-house registration. Therefore, to say that such an exercise is a necessity before the next date for general and regional elections can be set is an absolute falsehood, says Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

Addressing members of the media this evening, Jagdeo said that the voters’ list was valid for all three of the referenced elections and it was not contested by anyone.

The PPP General Secretary also sought to set the record straight on the notion that house-to-house registration is the shortest possible way to getting a credible list. He said, “We are arguing that you can use the claims and objections period to update and cleanse the list,” Jagdeo said.

Further to this, the Opposition Leader dismissed the claim that GECOM would only be ready for elections by December 25. Jagdeo categorically stated that this has no credibility and only indicates to him once more that the government fears elections “because they know what is going to happen”.

Until fresh elections are held, the PPP General Secretary said that the APNU+AFC Government can only be seen as illegally holding onto power.


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