The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) Company today revealed that it has been in full compliance with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) regarding efforts to solve the investigation into the murder of female taxi driver Indira Bipat.

Bipat, who died on May 19 as a result of strangulation compounded by blunt trauma to the head, was said to be seen leaving her home after receiving a phone call.

Today (Friday, June 28), the Guyana Times newspaper published an article captioned “Police yet to locate missing car of murdered female taxi driver, GTT to provide information about the dead woman’s call log.”

Now Officer-in-Charge at GTT, Travis Piggott, has explained that the company has been in full support of the GPF’s investigation into the matter.

“I am quite appalled at the information coming out of the D Division, West Bank Demerara-East Bank Essequibo. We received the request from the GPF on May 24 and we related the necessary information to them on the same day,” Piggott said.

“The force did not request additional information and I am quite distraught that it has brought GTT into such spotlight, stating that they are still awaiting information from the company.”

Piggot further expressed frustrations at the Guyana Times newspaper since the entity did not reach out to GTT to confirm the information stated by Commander of the Division Edmond Cooper.

“At this point, we at GTT are demanding an apology from the Guyana Times newspaper for publishing an article without the facts. As a media house, good journalistic ethics should be practised among its media practitioners and, in this case, it was not. This has been the second encounter with the news entity and I hope the GPA [Guyana Press Association] is observing.”

The GTT Officer-in-Charge said the telephone company is committed and will continue to provide full support to GPF in future investigations.


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