Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Dr David Hinds is of the firm conviction that the time has come for young people to join the party and continue the legacy of its founding leader, the late Walter Rodney.

Walter Rodney.

During an exclusive interview with the Guyana Standard recently, Dr Hinds opined that his generation, which joined the party more than 40 years ago, is now “old and mature”. The University Associate Professor said, “What we need is for them to take the party forward and decide what inherent structures they want to change or keep.”

In this regard, he noted that the WPA always embraced the concept of co-leaders. He noted that Economist Dr Clive Thomas and former Public Service Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine serve in those positions. Dr Hinds asserted that the former remains more active given the latter’s illness.

Further to this, the WPA Executive Member said he was pleased to note that President David Granger accepted the party’s recommendation to have one of its youngest members, Tabitha Sarabo-Halley, replace Dr Rupert Roopnaraine as the Public Service Minister. He was forced to relinquish the post after the High Court ruled that there must be adherence with the provisions of the Constitution which stipulate that a dual citizen cannot be a Member of Parliament.

Dr Hinds said that for some time, the WPA was marginalised in the coalition and expressed hope that this is a sign of change.

The WPA Executive Member stated, “We are hopeful that it is an indication of change and we are hopeful that our voice will be heard in the coalition going forward. I think for the benefit of the public, I should remind that the WPA and the PNC/R have been historical rivals…Our leader was assassinated by the PNC and they would say that the WPA wanted to overthrow them. It is a lot of bad blood between the two.”

Be that as it may, Dr Hinds commented that both have to be commended for still sitting in the same coalition. Should the “historical rivals” continue as partners for the next elections, the political activist said he would want to see more inclusion of youths in leadership positions as well as a display of respect for the WPA’s ideas on governance issues.


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